Contemporary Challenges of Political Representation 
Défis contemporains de la représentation politique

Abstract submission deadline
Les résumés doivent être envoyés avant le
Termen de trimitere a propunerilor

24 / 04 / 2016



The Fundamenta Politica Research Centre invites individual proposals and panel submissions of theoretical or empirical research concerning the recent debates pertaining to the nature of political representation, its limits and paradoxes.

Political representation is at the core of the contemporary efforts to rethink democracy and understand its pitfalls. It stands as a contemporary nodal point for political science research, from accounts registering the ‘hollowing out’ of democracy (Mair, 2013) to those focused on the authoritarian turn of ‘illiberal democracy’ (Zakaria, 2007). Papers should address, from a political theoretical or case-study-based perspective, the following topics: EU constitutionalization (Grimm 2015), the transformation of European political parties (Mair, Müller-Rommel, & Bértoa, 2016), political corruption from a contemporary and historical perspective (Thompson, 2013), the new configuration of radical politics (Krastev, 2014), re-defining populism (Taggart & Kaltwasser, 2016), the scope and nature of social movements (Della Porta, 2013). At the same time, the conference places a special emphasis on the technocracy-democracy nexus (Habermas, 2015), the rise of non-majoritarian regulatory institutions (Majone, 2014), and the predominance of executive over the legislative branch (Rosanvallon, 2015).


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