With the support of colleagues trained as architects, historians and art historians, several guided tours are available for participants. 

Thematic tours
Little Paris
The communist heritage
Armenian and Jewish Bucharest

Discovering Romania beyond its capital could be an excellent complementary option for your trip to Bucharest, especially during late spring and early summer when both temperatures and prices are truly enjoyable. 

Just several kilometers away from Bucharest and only ten-minute drive from the airport opened recently Therme - the largest geothermal spa, wellness and entertainment centre in Europe. Free shuttle buses from the city centre to Therme and back are available all year round.

Among the most popular destinations are also the Carpathian mountains (home to the largest concentration of virgin forests in Europe, uncountable thermal and hot springs, fascinating ancient civilizations and, more recently, one of the favourite private residences of H.E. Crown Prince Charles of Wales), the medieval Transylvanian towns and fortified villages, the old painted monasteries of Oltenia and the North of Moldova (UNESCO cultural World Heritage sites) and the Danube delta (the best preserved river delta in Europe, UNESCO natural World Heritage site). 

If you look for day trips from Bucharest you can visit Peleş (a romantic neo-Renaissance Royal castle from the mountain resort of Sinaia), Bran (a fortified castle that inspired the myth of Dracula), the historical Medieval sites of Curtea de ArgeşTârgovişte and Câmpulung (all of them old capitals of Walachia), Vlad the Impaler's ruined fortress of Poienari, the infamous fortress of Făgăraş used occasionally as prison for several centuries, or the Iulia Haşdeu Castle (a 19th century folly house built by a politician and historian as a memorial for his prematurely deceased daughter).

For the more adventurous traveler, there are the scenic drives of Transalpina and Transfăgărăşan (the latter impressed so much the usually grumpy Jeremy Clarkson of BBC Top Gear fame that he called it the greatest driving road in the world). Or you could try the little known moon-like landscapes of the strange mud volcanoes from the Buzău county, excellent for unique off-road experiences.

If you do not have much time or you would rather prefer some shopping, there are plenty of opportunities, with various local products increasingly available for the tourist market. Most of the high street international brands and some of the luxury brands may be also found especially within the many of the city's shopping malls, which also have gym and multiplex cinema facilities with up to 6D movie experiences. Some of the shopping malls sport indoor skating rings throughout the whole year and several bicycle renting centres are available in the city.