The international airport Otopeni "Henri Coandă" connects Bucharest to the most important European business and holiday destinations through all major carriers, as well as through many low-cost and charter flights. 

Airport-city centre connections
To arrive from the airport to the city centre, you may take one of the two regular express buses (783 to the University Square or 780 to the main railway station, 3.5 RON/journey, cca. 0.7 Euro) or a taxi. 

Timetable for 783 & 780 express buses
05:30-20:00 (every 15 min)
20:30-23:00 (every 30 min)

Saturday, Sunday, legal holidays
05:30-23:00 (every 30 min)

Those traveling to Bucharest by train usually arrive at the main railway station (Gara de Nord), which is connected to the city centre through several buses, trolleys and one of the metro lines. 

Local transport
The city has a dense network of busestramstrolleynight buses and suburban buses, as well as a growing metro network. The cost of a journey is 1.3 RON for ground transport and 2.5 RON for metro. For the ground transport one needs to buy an Activ card that can be charged with minimum 2.6 RON and max. 50 RON and used on any surface line. Each time one changes a surface line, one needs to validate the card. For the metro, one needs to buy a separate card for 2 or 10 trips. One does not need to revalidate the metro card when changing lines. 

All taxis of accredited companies are yellow and should have the price visibly marked on the front door and a valid registration on the back door (an oval yellow and red plate with the coat of arms of Bucharest and a serial number, which is the same with the driving plate number in front and on the back of the car). Each car has also its own company "indicative" - a number of 2 or 3 digits clearly marked on the frame above the back door. Each company also has its own logo on the doors and on other parts of the car. The prices are also within the car, on the board, usually next to the meter. The best known companies are Cobalcescu, CrisTaxi, Meridian, Speed, Taxi 2000. 

The taxi fares of accredited companies are between 1.39 and 1.77 RON/km and 13.9 - 17.7/hour when stopped in traffic (cca. 0.3 Euro/km, 3 Euro/hour), irrespective of the time of the day.The journey from the airport to the city centre by taxi usually takes 20-30 minutes but at rush hours significant delays might be possible especially on the direction towards the airport. 

At the airport, on the right side of the Arrivals exit within the terminal (ground floor) there are several yellow touch screens for ordering taxis. They will issue a small printed note with the name of the company, the "indicative" and the estimated time of arrival. The taxi station is right outside the Arrival terminal (more details). 

If you cannot find a taxi through this system, simply go to the Departures terminal trough the corridor on the right side of the Arrivals exist within the terminal and pick up one of the normal taxis which delivers departing passengers. Please pay attention to the price written on the door to make sure you do not pay more than you should!

Smartphone travel applications
The most popular local taxi applications with English menus are StarTaxi and CleverTaxi, which allows to order a cab from most of the accredited companies, as well its own company, without voice interaction. It is available for both Android and iPhone, and it has geolocation facilities. UBER is also present in Bucharest.

Tourist transport
During summer, you may also take one of the open double deckers that offers Bucharest city tours by bus.